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8 October, 2010

I don’t see why I have to put up with such fame-obsessed people. If you want to go to parties, it’s your problem, why you must tell me to look for a clutch for you to bring? Who ask you to RSVP if you don’t even have your full wardrobe yet?

Those people that always have to step on other people on their way up to don’t-know-what. What is it that they want? They know that they manipulate others to get what they want. They bully people but make it look like innocent favours. As if they are in such dire need of help. They only go to those ‘smaller’ people when they need something.

Obviously if you treat people like that, people aren’t going to like you. But then you just make it look like i’m so jealous of your popularity, that’s why I don’t like you. Or you just say that I’m so desperate to be as famous as you or I want to be your best friend. Cause i’m so pathetic, at the ‘bottom of the totem pole’ that i deserve to be looked down on. If i’m mean to someone it’s because I don’t like them, not because I think that i’m more popular than them.

I just wish you’d leave me alone. But still, every single thing you do on your endless mission for glamour always involves me. Do whatever you want just do it without dragging me into it!

23 August, 2010

I don’t care how much people beg for your company to events, sing your praises, or call you incessantly. Do you not realize you made innocent people sit out a 2-hour traffic jam just so that you can go to the train station? How does this make you a good person? Why do you get to do this and i’m still expected to be polite and civil to you? And in the middle of it you get a phone call from your friend saying that she’s in front of the house to pick you up?!?! Which one is it? Who do you want to go out with? Why was she stood up? Was she not cool enough for you? Yea big deal, you say that you just need to be sent to the train station and you can go the rest of the way yourself — guess what? every day you’re the one who chooses where you go and what you do, so don’t bleeping wait for and expect people to send you anywhere if you could’ve just walked out of the house in the morning by yourself since you’re so bleeping good at planning things and going places yourself. If you have to be sent to the train station, you might as well be sent all the way to midvalley (don’t act like you’re more creative than that cause I know you’re not above frequenting the same bleeping place since you’re so closed off to anything else and you bleeping think you know everything). Don’t tell me to move out of my house and get a job!

I just woke up an hour ago, I don’t need to be thinking about this, yet everyday it just haunts me because the whole experience is just so traumatizing. I can’t even spend a decent peaceful morning without having to put up with this.

15 July, 2010

I don’t care if it’s your 1 year or 10 year anniversary with him. He doesn’t love you! You just represent the idea of a fairytale romance that breaks all boundaries. There’s plenty of gorgeous fresh young meat to go around. And they’re not witches. In fact, I’ll wait 50 years if I have to, but eventually he’ll realize that there’s more for him in life, and you’ll get what you deserve.

I think eventually pretending to like people at parties will just wear me out. I don’t know why I risk going anywhere near people that I really hate. I know that i’m allowed to live my own life, and even if I don’t associate myself with people who’re friends with people I hate, I can still be surrounded by lots of people. It may be a small world, but it’s not so small that I have to settle for fake friends who don’t care about me. Even if I do end up alone, who cares? I’d rather be by myself than pretend to like people just for the sake of having company. Is this some kind of school field trip or something? We don’t just follow people around wherever they go.