I really want to go Curve tomorrow, but what if there’s roadblocks because of that Bersih rally?

So Bristol Palin was on the View promoting her memoir, ‘Not Afraid of My Life: My Journey so Far’. Hearing about whatever kind of relationship she had with Levi is so agonizing. How could she possibly be willing to drag out such a humiliating life experience just to get money and fame? Barbara Walters asked some pretty harsh questions, but apparently it was all to be taken lightly. What Bristol did was wrong, but how she was questioned about it wasn’t right either. I don’t think she actually confronted any real issues in her appearance. She seriously just wanted to show her face and get people to buy her book. I would have hoped she would say her piece and provide some new perspective to the girls on the show. After it was done, she left, and they think exactly the same of her and her situation. Worse in fact.

Speaking of single parents, Nadya Suleman was on The Today Show. So she said that she’s not getting paid for doing interviews. But when asked how she’s supporting her kids, she says she hired a manager and has been booked for appearances. So apparently people are supposed to let her live her life since she’s not getting public assistance money. The cast ended up having to help her with her kids. Jonathan is doing a minor surgery for his cleft lip tomorrow. She really makes herself seem committed to her kids. I wonder if she is.

And then there’s the Casey Anthony trial. And Kim K under fire for her tweets about it. If I lived in the US would I really be able to get away with murder? But right here at home there’re people who’ve got away with it too apparently.

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