Emma Watson looks amazing in that Oscar de la Renta! Tulle is indeed tricky, but the silhouette here is great. The vintage Rafael Lopez for the London photocall looked stunning too.

Heidi was on ENews! I feel so sad about how she has to put on how happy she is with her marriage. I actually always liked her music. I can’t believe Jake Pavelka is also on VH1’s Famous Food. He’s so gross.

Today’s open day was really scary. Stepping into that compound/building was really nerve-wracking, but I felt a little better about it compared to last time. Pn Zuliana recognised me, and I said hi, she actually was talking to me, but she herself was in the middle of escorting a parent. Once again, all the teachers advise that the kids should work harder. If only it were that simple.

Okay, I finished watching United States of Tara, and it was so touching and heartfelt and sweet. I didn’t cry cause it all happened so fast. Kate made so much progress, and I feel so amazed at how mature she’s become. I always loved how headstrong and opinionated she is.

Why is everyone talking about Will & Kate at the BAFTAs? Elegance came back a long time ago, we didn’t need this recessionista’s incessant rewearing to do it. And what’s worse, Oprah is competing with The View to get Pippa?!? Well at least she’s pretty and can actually talk about stuff.