I absolutely hate Pappa Johns! I hate it so much I want to burn down each branch! They’re so irritating! Do people even like pizza that much anyway?!?


So Mizz Nina tied the knot with Noh yesterday. Meh. ¬†An almost ten grand Michael Ong, a Shangri-La reception, and another reception at DoubleTree by Hilton. All the elitist and egotistical makings of a humble and down-to-earth wholesome newlywed couple. Of course, they need a two-week honeymoon in rome to take a break from their exhausting and taxing careers. They’ve been working so hard, that’s why we’re always hearing their songs and know who the hell they are. Wait, the dowry was only 11 grand? Only 150 guests? I mean, I thought this is a wedding combined with a birthday party.