I would have thought Joe Jonas would want lots of wardrobe changes and vanity shots in See No More. The video is an incoherent mess. And don’t get me started about the actual single. Why on earth does it open with rap? The single is called See No More, but what he’s been doing no more of is shaving. So much autotune! Shame!


Kate looks amazing in that Jenny Packham! But I still prefer Leighton Meester. Apart from her wide array of hats, does Pippa’s weird sister really have so much to offer? Her husband is balding after all.Why does everyone keep saying that she’s beautiful? Her forehead is big, her shoulders are broad, and her lips are thin. She’s kind of man-ish. Leighton looks so pretty in that Carven. She’s so beautiful. Much more beautiful. She so should have won that round of _____ Stole My Look.


Why is Jennifer Hudson on the cover of Elle?!? Why is everyone shedding the pounds and becoming so fit?!? I hate her! I admit that I haven’t been taking care of myself, but it’s hard. I really struggle with trying to have a healthy lifestyle. So far i’ve been able to wake up early, and i’ve been drinking lots of water. I don’t think it’s fair that i’m expected to exercise so much because this is all new to me, and it’s not like I have a gym buddy or something. Today I am 51kg. It’s been really busy. I think the most important step is to have some peace and calmness, some time by myself. It’s always so hectic here. It’s crazy.