Post 77

Today I met Angelita, Zhiao Chien, and Zi Kee. They’re always so pretty *bitter*

Yesterday Auntie Roza came to visit me at home! She brought Melissa, Kyra, and Adam. He was disappointed that there was no truck for him to play. Keesha’s in JB. Auntie Roza was dropping off everyone’s presents yesterday. Alina’s, my mom’s, my dad’s, aniza’s and mine. Melissa and Kyra always look so pretty. *bitter*

Then that night my mom wanted to have dinner at Empire. Both of us wondered whether or not it would be worth putting up with my dad for. She didn’t realize she was in for something else. There were these people celebrating together after work and they kept going in and out of the balcony. My mom was in quite a fury because of the smell of cigarette smoke from them. Anyway, we both wondered whether or not to take the buffet since we’re not really the buffet type, but she said she’ll be okay cause she’ll just keep going on desserts. I felt that was unusual for her, plus I don’t think she even made the most of it. Did anyone? I tried to and I felt so guilty. For the simple reason that turns out every weekend in June they’re having a seafood jambalaya special, so it’s more expensive.

The food was really good. I loved the fish and fried soba. I tried the spare ribs. As usual I didn’t like it. But my mom said that I should. She accused me of being B12 deficient and anaemic from not eating red meat for so long. I feel disgusted. Do I need red meat? I loved the food at Empire hotel, but I would probably been more happy at chicken rice shop or mamma Mia. Living without soup is hard. If has to be clear and well, amazing.

Anyway my dad’s leaving tomorrow and he made sure to demand a father’s day card from everyone. This is after he shouted at my younger brother cause he couldn’t find his old phone. This morning he just went up to me and asked me why my eyes are so swollen. As if he has such beautiful eyes.

My neck doesn’t feel so painful and tensed up anymore. My leg is also feeling better, no more aching. Meanwhile, my mom and siblings went to the grandparents.

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