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My younger sister’s laptop is finally fixed. It’s super quiet now! The fan and heatsync was repaired, and she got a new charger. The Dell guy said that every year you have to clean your laptop, so I guess mine must have a whole lot of dust in it, since it’s gonna be a year old soon. God, I don’t want to think about me also being another year older.

So I was thinking about how sometimes in your life, there are people who tend to make their every miniscule problem your personal responsibility. I’m not just talking about how incompetent someone can be. I’m talking about that feeling that you get when you feel like you’re having ten things dumped on you at once by not necessarily as many people. I’m not referring to anything specifically, i’m just more or less recalling one incident where a teacher wanted the class seating arrangement to be changed on the same day, holding me responsible. It was just really interesting to me that everyone seemed to have their own qualms and preferences while I had to get something done, and they seemed oblivious to how serious it was even though they knew I had to get it done that same period or else that teacher was going to, well, I don’t know. Everyone always gets thrown into the role of having to mother everyone into doing what they have to do. I myself think that it’s easy for you to be either one; with outcome-based focus, or discussing excruciating minutiae ignoring pressing matters at hand.

I know I don’t sound terribly smart with all of this. It just really got me thinking. I look at my sisters who are very driven and show good leadership, always cutting through unnecessary details getting things done quickly. I always had my older sister to look to, and even think for me. It’s true that I hid away from chances and opportunities, preventing myself from gaining new experiences and growing more as an individual. It’s my own fault for being too scared. My sisters weren’t without fear, but they just knew what was worth the toil, and became better because of it. It saddens me to think of how kids can end up having to grow up a lot more or sooner than they have to. I know this all sounds like me feigning any semblance of public concern or compassion, but it just happens to be something that i’ve thought about my whole life, and i think encompasses a lot of things. Who’s to say I don’t have a heart? Judge all you want, but only god knows whether or not i’m truly a good person.

I have to try to be a person who derives joy from simple things, since most people lose their sense of wonder as they grow older. Dad, you have three astro boxes, a big comfy sofa just for your bedroom, next to your king size bed for only yourself to sleep on, and a big empty house to store it all in! Good for you!

Jack: “I spent the better part of the last three years coming up with a portable, miniature microwave oven. Most of that time has been spent focusing on coming up with a hip, edgy name for the product, something that will appeal to the marketing holy trinity: college students, the morbidly obese and homosexuals.”

Jenna — “is your vision steadily narrowing down to a pinpoint, as if the darkness is closing in on you?”

Ms. Gawkey: “I supervise 12 employees, most of whom would be unemployable in any other field. They are selfish, irresponsible people who I know talk about me behind my back. They seem to think that their job is wasting my time and energy by making their every miniscule problem my personal responsibility. They don’t care. And don’t even get me started on Tracy and Jenna!”

“And when the last one of them trundled off that night, I smelled the air and I could feel that it was time. Time for a new beginning. And I knew that this was possible only through a cleansing fire. It would all have to burn. The packing peanuts, the delivery slips, all of it would dance in the warm mouth of my fire, and a new better, wonderful me would rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Behold, the splendor of my beginning!”

Liz: I went to the new flagship compartment store on 5th Avenue and got everything I need to get my life in order. There’s a stacker thing to separate your junk mail from you humidifier catalogs. A thing you stick on your laptop that holds your keys. A round plastic deal that holds your shoes with a pocket for a photograph of what shoes are in there. I’m going to become wonderful. It’s a new beginning. Like a phoenix rising- [she gets hit by a bike] … Or, maybe this is gonna be the worst day ever.

Liz: Unless you know an advertiser that really wants to be associated with this, you need to stop. Tracy : Great idea, Liz Lemon! Liz: Wait, which part of what I said are you talking about. Tracy : The first two thirds!

Kenneth: If no one’s in charge, who will yell at me for messing up the lunch order?
Frank: We all will, Kenneth.  We all will.
Kenneth: You guys are my best friends.

Jenna: Great news Liz!  I’m on a clinical trial for a military grade anti sleeping pill!
Liz: Of course you are.

Liz: I am not asking this as the boss you love to undermine, but as the friend who’s birthday you love to forget.
Jenna: Oops!
Liz: Just be normal sauce for like 2 hours!

Liz: So who’s writing the show?
Jack: Now that you’re back I thought you could do it yourself.  How hard can it be?  Hey I’m rapping Obama! Welcome to another episode of Robot-Bear Talk Show.  Hey I’m Josh doing an impression of DeNiro as an auctioneer.  Do I hear one thousand?  Do I hear one thousand?
Liz: Wow, that’s really good!
Jack: Jenna fills in time with a song.  Good night good night. Mild applause.  You’ll be done in an hour.

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