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Posted by azreen | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 13-11-2010


I’m recovering from whatever it was I was suffering from, but I still don’t feel a 100 percent. I’m still feeling really tired, though my muscle ache is much less severe now, I just need to make sure I eat right to be able to perk up.

Last night, my uncle came over on the way home from work, they wanted to take my grandma back to the house in Meru to spend the night. My mom offered that they bring our car, which has more space, since they would have to pick up my grandaunt from Taman Tun as well the following day. Today, my mom has to send another car for servicing, so on the way to work she wants to drop off her Vios at the Toyota center, and i’ll send her to work and pick her up later. I don’t know why my mom can’t just take my car (there I go again calling it my car, when actually it’s my dad’s and I just drive it that’s all) to work. I can just go home from the service center by bus or cab. It’s actually possible for me to walk home from the service center, since it’s in Subang Jaya. Or, she could just drive my dad’s BMW, but my dad just has to be so whiny annoying immature and stingy. Like anything is going to happen to his car if my mom brings it to work. Work. Not like she’s out partying the whole night. Gawd.

My mom said that since I was in an accident, I’m in a better position to tell people to drive carefully since I have a real experience to justify my advice. I try to drive really slow now, I don’t mean to blame the impatient people behind me, but it’s a progress that I have to reach in time. But highways are highways, my mom will just get about 140 and then say that she’s skilled enough to handle it. So, getting people to stop speeding and drive slower, maybe it’s not really possible. I just have to work on myself and shut up.

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