Post 331

Okay, so I deleted my spam, changed my layout, am making some progress towards standardising my gif lengths. There wasn’t really any purpose for the overhaul. In fact, i missed the way everything looked the moment I started messing with things. I figured since i’m updating some scripts and plugins anyway, there’s no better time.
There’s also the issue of a lot of my gifs becoming broken links. So there’s that to fix. Which will take forever, considering the actual original gifs are gone and i can’t re-upload them. It really was gonna happen eventually, and I still wouldn’t have been able to decide what I want it to be like next.
So here I am, still, with the same issues, hearing it all a million times, and adamant as ever that I shouldn’t have to be ashamed that i’m unhappy, that I should have the freedom to be dissatisfied with anything I want. In the end I don’t know who’s left more worn out from it. It has been made clear to me that there is an end, I just don’t know how I’ll get there. Everyone’s looking on, there’s all this concern – what is that going to look like for him? Meanwhile i’m too preoccupied with how decaying I look right now to even fathom what’s to come.

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