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Posted by azreen | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 01-01-2017


Maybe it’s too early to tell?
I feel like there was never any use believing everyone about everyday being a new day with new possibilities and hope and another chance for things to be better. It’s nothing more than room for more mistakes. New ones in ways i didn’t think possible. And with new mistakes, new ways of feeling humiliated.
Right and wrong, good and bad, calories and kilograms. So many years, and still so uncertain about it all.
A new year doesn’t help you leave everything bad behind. I’m still going to live every day paying for what I did in all the years past. A new year isn’t going to free me from that.
We’re always going to be held to standards, there’s always going to be judgement. I’m still me. I’m always going to be less than. Why would I think that anything would ever change?

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