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Bad memories can eventually be replaced with good ones. Wounds can heal given enough time. Pain you can endure until you find it bearable. A bad breakup, get under someone else to get over your ex. But there are just some obstacles that you can’t overcome, because not everything in life has an answer. Most things in life are tough, and with the right people by your side you can pull through it. Sometimes you have problems, and you have to figure a way out.
I just don’t think there’s anyway through for me. Not everyone can be good at things, and it’s just your luck if you have me in your life.

Believe it or not, everyone is different. Some people are too accustomed to the privileges that they had, and some people just aren’t able to do everything regardless of whether they always had everything handed to them or not. We always plan, but the truth is life gets in the way and things don’t always work out the way we want. Life is full of unexpected things, and yes a lot of it will be inconvenient to you, such as a person who is busy with their own problems and not always available for you to make use of.

I just don’t understand why I have to listen to anyone who has never taken the time or effort to get to know me. Or accept me. Let go, forgive, forget, move on. I feel like i’ve heard everything and it’s especially from people who aren’t even involved with me or are truly on my side. I don’t understand why i’m simply a constellation of circumstances and not an actual whole individual who shouldn’t be simplified so brusquely. I just don’t understand why I would want to put my trust in anyone especially when they like to blame me so much. If you enjoy referring to people’s feelings as over-reacting, then go do that and don’t feel the need to force it down my throat.


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