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I have mentioned this issue in previous blog posts, and it’s something that a really kind and selfless person heard me out about, on more than one occasion.

There will always be people in your life who will tell you that they care a lot about you, that you should care about them in return, and that there won’t be anyone else who cares about you as much.

It’s hurtful having people in my life who always tell me their opinion about me without worrying about how i’ll feel. Cause if you’re saying it like that, you obviously don’t care how i feel. People are always pushing their opinions on me. People are always criticising me and expect me to still look up to them.

When there’s something going on with me, it’s just an inconvenience to you. Another thing you have to hear about at length, and have to feign interest in.

I think it’s easy to tell if someone cares about you, especially when they only have a big reaction when something affects their convenience. And they talk about it way more than they would ever talk to you about how you feel about something. They’re furious whenever something inconveniences them, but they don’t think you should be angry if they inconvenience you.

There will always be people in your life that expect you to constantly listen to them talk about their lives and then they don’t take an active interest in your own. If it’s just anyone who does that to me, i wouldn’t be surprised, it wouldn’t be an issue. It’s convenient for you if i feel bad about myself, that way it’s easier for you to control me. And you’ve always made it very clear what my weaknesses are, and how much of them there are.

Okay, awkweeird had already told you in person that I was picking her up after the movie. So why did you go and take my car? You just tell people to assemble things and then you laugh at them and criticize them.

It’s easy to see whether or not people around you care about you. So, you shouldn’t apologise for expecting someone to ask you how you feel about what they say to you.

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