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Posted by azreen | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 13-03-2016


I blocked you from my twitter and instagram because I don’t need your opinion on anything that I do especially when people who aren’t even my immediate family are capable of being more concerned, empathizing, and involved than you are. I know what you did, and it’s not something that everyone can just ignore. I know what your real endgame is, which isn’t difficult because you’ve always been insincere about everything you claim you want to do for me. You’ve always been there when you need me. And you’ve always made it clear when you found me useless.

I have a sister, and she’s sincere in everything that she does for me. She was there for me and didn’t expect anything in return. I have already seen who comments on my blog and who doesn’t. And she wants me in her life not because i’m biologically related to her, or because I can run a random errand for her when she needs me. I already have a family. They don’t view me as a liability. So stop trying to divide us for your own selfish needs.

Like other people whom you once had, you missed the chance to appreciate the people who should matter to you.

Even if I forgave you, it doesn’t exonerate you. You caused so many people so many years of suffering and it’s going to take many more years before we can ever build our lives back up.

I won’t waste my time on someone who’s just going to be detrimental to me all the time.

I wish you would leave me alone because you’re always asking me for something, or taking something from me.

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