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I hope I never have to see even a photo of her ever again. I really hate her. She’ still in touch with the people she met during that year. No one is going to block her on instagram just for me.

Seeing all the interactions between people I trusted with people i hated really shocked me. Talking to someone that you told me was going to be gone and out of our lives forever is one thing. Being super BFFs with them is another. And I, only being able to watch, completely helpless, unable to stop it, without anyone listening to me, that’s the worst part. I’m forced to watch this go on and on. She totally knew that I had no choice but to trust her with everything. And she still went behind my back and did that as if it was so direly necessary. A person comes around, ruins your life, leaves, and then allows you to think that it’s gonna be over, but actually they’re still making you miserable from thousands of miles away. At first, you think, oh I guess they just talk from time to time. And then, they just contact each other more often, in more ways, and become so much closer? And then I start to think that if the person I thought I trusted is so willing to be such close friends with my nemesis, then what does that say about my choices and who I put my trust in?
I feel like I just live for people’s amusement, so they can look at my life and laugh at me. Look at what I went through and shake their heads at me. So they can know what I am and feel better about themselves. Maybe I was never alone. Everyone was always around, always there to judge. Everyone has so much to say, everyone has their opinions and has so much time to share. Everyone likes to put in all this effort when it comes their turn to chide me for what i’ve made with my life. And that has always been the extent of their involvement.

I have never seen any evidence disproving that people find it fun to look at my situation and tell me how bad they think it is. I can’t even expect pity anymore. Just amusement. They do! They like finding out what’s going on with me so they can laugh about how pathetic I am. No one’s given me any reason to believe otherwise. Suffice to say people who have gone on to better things and had great things happen to them have forgotten about me.

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I know who you are talking about. I don’t know if this is going to make you gain back your trust in this person, but if there was a confrontation, I wonder ; would things change?

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