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I always liked to think that I was happy with who I am, and that was enough and I didn’t need anything else. I thought that if I had fun doing what I liked, it would be enough for me and I wouldn’t need anyone else.

Different things are important to different people. You want to be able to find yourself, be your truest self and do what’s important to you, but you also want to share your accomplishments with people you care about.

There are many people who have trouble in their lives recognizing their worth especially when they don’t get any appreciation from those around them.

I thought that if I had a blog, then I would know that people who read it are genuinely interested in my opinions and sincerely care about sharing thoughts and ideas with someone. I would know that what they do is more important to them than who they’re seen with.

I don’t know why but I feel like I lived and grew up in such a superficial town that it’s hard to know if someone just cares about their image, or they actually have real interests and priorities. I want to learn from a real person who sets a good example and know what it’s like to live your life guided by a cause that you care about, rather than placing so much importance on how much publicity you get and whether or not you’re seen with the right people.

I want to know if someone cares about me, or they care more about fame. Would they rather be famous or have people in their lives that they care about? If i know what’s meaningful, then i can make a more informed choice. I can know what’s best for me, and not have to compare myself to other more popular people and constantly be at the bottom of the totem pole.

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Oh snap !!! That’s me being idiotic

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