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Posted by azreen | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-11-2014


I don’t want to go if you don’t even want me there. How do you expect me to decline something that wasn’t even meant for me?

I’m really worried about not being able to blog as often as I would like. I desperately implore everyone to at least visit my twitter if you find my blog without any updates.

I haven’t been feeling well. Right now I don’t have anymore transport on my schedule, but a week ago it all came to a peak, and I found out how well I was able to handle it. Which wasn’t well at all. I gave in to exhaustion pretty quickly. Dragging myself out of bed still hurts all over, and it’s usually when I least expect it that my allergies will be out of control.

I went to the first day of the Padini Concept Store 3-day Sale. The markdowns were pretty amazing. I wish I could always have that happiness of shopping. It’s sad, because it’s just an illusion. It’s only temporary.

The reason I liked being around people who are opinionated and assertive is so that I don’t have to think for them. But the truth is, when everyone is always pushing their own agenda, there’s no room for you to be who you are. Sometimes existing is the only choice you have. Some people don’t even realize that they try to control how other people feel.


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