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I’ve been having problems with PictureShack, the image hosting service I use for some of my images. I originally did not want to rely on hosting too many images on my own subdomain so that I can have more free space, and I was cautious about the possibility of maxed-out bandwidth from direct linking by others. I was making GIFs and the individual file size is very large, and especially at the time, too much so for Imgur. So i relied on PictureShack which had a higher size limit for each image. Unfortunately, the PictureShack server was down on many occasions, and my blog would end up with broken links until their servers were up again. Fortunately, recently imgur has also increased their upload size limit so I can migrate my GIFs there.

Please find my latest photos on my PicYou account. For the past few months I have been posting on instagram at a reduced frequency. I started with instagram in 2011, and I liked what it originally was. It’s obviously really different now. If it wasn’t, I would’ve felt comfortable enough to change back to my original instagram username – my preferred one. I was going to make a WeHeartIt account, and was also deciding between EyeEm and SnapSeed, but considering that I already had my PicYou account for over a year, I decided to make it that place where I more avidly post photos. Using PicYou gives me more cross-platform freedom, as I can also upload photos from my laptop. Not many people still use their laptops as often as I do, but I rely on my laptop a lot, obviously, since I am doing blogposts on my laptop. Because of the limitations that I face with my phone, I inevitably have to upload everything onto my laptop. I have always been available to people on many portals. For example, I was on twitter since 2010. You can also find me on WeChat, Oovoo, LINE, Tango, KakaoTalk, and SnapChat by the same username.
Finding out what people say to each other isn’t actually pleasant. But it’s often necessary. It’s the only way to know the truth.
I’ve made it clear, numerous times, I don’t want to go near anyone fake. If you’re only pretending to want to talk to me so that you can get me to do stuff for you, then please be prepared for me to talk about you.
I’ve spent years just sitting here alone in my room. There’s a lot that I don’t want. There’s a lot that I don’t like. I have no choice but to be burdened by bad experiences because I can’t afford to have them happen again.
I see how people have friends and how they conversation with each other. Of course I want that too. But i can’t settle either. Everyone deserves to be loved. So I deserve to stay away from people I hate.

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