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Okay, I am pretty happy with Pretty Little Liars right now. I guess I always have been. I’ve started to look forward to it even more than Revenge and Once Upon a Time. Lucy Hale won Choice TV Actress Drama for her role as Aria Montgomery at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. Ashley Benson won Choice Summer TV Star Female, which is huge. Right at the beginning of No One Here Can Love or Understand Me; episode eleven of Pretty Little Liars, all the build-up from the previous episode of going to the police to out Alison was immediately thwarted by yet another threat from A.

Pretty Little Liars Episode Review – Season 5 Episode 11 No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

The most significant thing we find out is Melissa’s confession about burying Bethany Young because she thought she was protecting Spencer. Which contradicts Alison’s explanation from last season saying that Jessica buried her. Melissa didn’t see Ali’s face, but saw Ali’s yellow sundress. Alison may have been lying, or that it was difficult to see Jessica while she was being buried. Melissa and Peter appear to have been protecting Spencer all these years, but possibly for the wrong reasons.

We previously saw A folding the candy striper uniform from season one, and footage of Alison leaving Hannah’s hospital room could prove that Hannah knew Ali was alive. Spencer was furious and was about to throw a brick at the monitors in the shop window, and the other girls were disappointed. The viewers probably had a similar reaction to A’s threat.

Hannah then went to Caleb’s cabin to check on him where she is disappointed to find him with vodka; and Aria went home, leaving Emily and Spencer to discover the aftermath of Ella’s engagement cancellation – the brew is now for sale. I guess we won’t be seeing Zack again.

Spencer ices out Alison by ignoring her calls. A strange coincidence that Ali would call, almost as if she wanted to see if the threat worked. Emily and Spencer acknowledge the possibility of Alison being A. As much as most people would think Ali deserved to be ignored, Spencer could have at least texted Ali and told her she was in the middle of something, after all lying  even to their best friends isn’t exactly unusual practice for the girls. Emily acknowledges that the friend that she may once had feelings for and eventually defended likely never even existed to begin with, bringing relief to viewers who wanted Emily to finally open her eyes and see that she was always being manipulated by Alison. Well, she was labelled the weakest link for a reason. Now, Emily is left with nothing but a destructive twisted blackmail relationship with Ali, and a broken one with Paige. Alison inevitably calls Emily. Mr DiLaurentis is taking Alison out of town.

 Emily gives the Noel Kahn photos to Ezra who helps her find out that the man in the photo with Alison at the King Street ATM is in fact Cyrus Petrillo who is also known as Cyrus Hart, Robert Hart, and Cy Enfield. Okay, so Emily said she went to Ezra because of how much he knew, and that he was someone they could trust. I don’t really figure how, but everyone else seemed to agree. Having Aria go to Ezra with the photo probably wouldn’t be any better, considering they’ll probably just end up making out instead. Ezra had a lot to gain. He clearly wanted Aria all to himself. He got her to the cabin and made her keep secrets from her friends, telling her that growing apart from her friends is natural when the both of them grow closer to each other. Aria knew that Ezra was with Alison, but she didn’t seem to mind. Spencer was right to have suspected that Ezra was A. Ezra must have been the one who planted the blades in Jake’s punchbag. And when Spencer hurt Ezra’s hand in Ravenswood, he later hid it in his jacket pocket. It’s bad enough Ezra had access to Aria’s phone and Hannah’s laptop. Everything that A did seemed to be to separate Aria from her friends and break up her family, so that all she would have left is Ezra. During Shana’s confrontation with the girls in New York, Aria wasn’t there. Shana could have killed all the other girls and then Aria would finally be free from her friends. I’m really puzzled about why the girls believed Ezra’s explanation so easily, forgave him so quickly just because he got shot, and were not picking up on the other clues. Ezra was the only one who said that it was Shana who shot him, and even Spencer found it suspicious that he appeared on the roof at the exact time the girls were cornered by Shana.

At school, Spencer explains to Aria that boys hate it when you question their judgement, Emily adds on that if Aria tells Mike that Mona isn’t what he’s looking for, Aria won’t be able to separate them with a crowbar. Hannah acknowledges that possibility of Alison being A, because Alison so clearly wants to keep the girls quiet. Emily explains to Paige that Sydney was a liar, not knowing that Paige has moved on, and is going on a date with another girl. Hannah and Spencer arrange an intervention for Caleb, and discover Melissa’s goodbye note to Spencer. Hannah meets up with Aria and Emily and then attend an involuntary questioning with Detective Tanner at the Mermaid Star Cafe. Detective Tanner indirectly accuses the girls of killing Bethany Young, because she was killed 30 yards away from their slumber party. Hannah calls Spencer about it, who subsequently receives Melissa’s video confession.

At the Opera Rose (sp?) grill, Toby ambushes Caleb with an intervention before anyone even sits down, and Caleb unsurprisingly bolted. Emily wasn’t there because she was helping out at the Brew. Aria wasn’t there because she went to watch film noir with Byron, Mike, and Mona. Ella was scheduled to be back from Scranton that night, which is why Byron made reservations and got the tickets in advance. When Ella couldn’t make it, Byron gave the ticket to Mona, of course. When Aria came late and the only free seat left was next to Mona, she realized she had only herself to blame. Aria couldn’t take it though, and whispered a threat to Mona that sent her to the powder room in tears. Not knowing what it was that Aria whispered to Mona is a cruel injustice to the viewers.

Mona explains to Aria that all she ever did was try to protect herself from Alison, and that keeping her army in line is difficult when Alison offers candy and a smile, as well as that lulting laugh. Mona warns Aria that when Alison is done with Mona, she’ll come after the liars. She states to Aria that, regarding New York, she “knows some things, and can guess some others,” possibly threatening Aria that she’ll talk about who killed Shana.

Detective Tanner later decides on a house-call confrontation with Byron. Aria overhears that Tanner has an appointment with one of the girls the following day about more inside scoop.

Caleb, at the cabin, finally confesses to Hannah about what he went through in Ravenswood, and supernatural forces are clearly still at play when the ouija board points to ‘goodbye’ when Hannah and Caleb make out. And then there’s the fireflies. I’m tempted to think that it’s a hint that Haleb are over. Or will be. Wasn’t Caleb Hannah’s first serious boyfriend? And Ashley approves of Caleb, which is a plus. I would hate to see Tyler Blackburn downgraded to merely a jobless PLL alum. It was really sad hearing Hannah say “We’ll get through this, I didn’t come this far not to have a happy ending.”

Because Spencer’s information was too urgent to wait for Hannah, she showed Melissa’s video to Emily and Aria. Detective Tanner is easily becoming the new Wilden. Aria’s secret is being held hostage by Mona, and Mike/Mona is probably here to stay. Toby’s résumé now consists of carpenter, Spencer’s boyfriend, ex-A-team, and police cadet. I really don’t understand the purpose of the Cece Drake arc. I don’t see any reason for Ali to get Cece kicked out of Hollis. And they had plenty to do besides imitating each other and freaking out Jessica. Emily may have no choice but to get with Sydney, since Paige has moved on, and Emily needs to find out what Mona’s army is up to. Or the liars could just join Mona’s army. I don’t see why that’s so difficult. I can’t help but suspect that Alison’s time “out of town” could be to see a psychiatrist. It would make sense why Kenneth didn’t talk about it in front of people, or didn’t want anyone to know. And when is Spencer ever going to give Andrew a chance? The poor guy. He was always there for her despite the decathlons.

So someone dies next week in Fatal Finale, and Detective Holden rules it a homicide. A tries to put on the liars, and someone gets arrested. Melissa spins a story where Spencer is an accessory to murder. The girls think that Alison is A, and that she has gone full-on socio. For sociopath. So sad that it’s the summer finale of PLL. Can’t wait for season 5B!

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