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I’m deciding between Xiaomi Mi3, Alcatel OneTouch, or a Huawei as a replacement for my phone. Having a permanent call history despite turning off my phone as well as battery life is really important to me. Too bad I have no money. This could be a lesson in replacing things — if i’m not careful, I could end up being replaced. It has certainly been made very clear that what I have to offer really isn’t that much, the tasks I do really aren’t difficult, and that anyone could replace me and do a much better job of everything.

Schedule 12 August 2014

  • 10:00 am              Buy art supplies at big bookshop
  • 10:30 am              Send Adila to proton
  • 12:40 pm              Send Aniza to school
  • 5:00 pm                Fetch Adila from proton
  • 6:30 pm                Fetch Aniza from school
  • 8:00 pm                Send Adila to Yamaha
  • 9:00 pm                Send Ashraf to tuition
  • 9:15pm                  Pick up Adila from Yamaha
  • 10:00pm              Pick up Ashraf from tuition

I found that whenever someone is asking me something, the explanation for it is usually not true. I hate that there are people who look at others not necessarily as human beings, but as stepping stones, or just a means to an end. I realize that as long as I give them what they want – be it a favour, or simply information – it makes no difference to them what they had to say to get it from me. As long as I believe it and comply. It always ends up being my fault for trusting them. Or my fault for doing something because I felt that I had to, or knowing that I didn’t want to do it. That’s not fair. I don’t know who to trust, and how should I know? People see that I can be vulnerable when i’m not with my sisters, and they shouldn’t be taking advantage of that. Going through this my whole life, you would think that i’ve learned my lesson. But a person doesn’t need to be subjected to manipulation that many times in order to condition them into submissive behaviour. If you’re not careful, you’ll become known as easy prey – and frequently targetted because of it.


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