Post 234

The Carters are a brand, and an unfortunate under-the-bus throwing happened to protect it. This could have been a completely random act of violence. It could have been an added chapter to a history of conflict between two people. So Jay was on the receiving end of some violence, but a body guard was present. He would have been completely fine regardless what was done to him — this represented less danger to him than if he were someone much smaller or weaker. Let’s not pretend that he was afraid, or in any real jeopardy. Solange was completely disregarded, it’s as if she wasn’t even there. If she needs help, of which she wouldn’t be the first person to anyway, then that should be the goal rather than the bad press. If this was something routine, then they shouldn’t have accepted it in the beginning and then choose now to hang her out to dry if at all.

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