Post 208

Below is my birthday wishlist for this year.

Things I’ve still wanted since last year

  • To see %$@#es suffer for what they did to me
  • The satisfaction of seeing popular girls get dumped
  • My debts paid
  • Classic Buckleberry at Paddington
  • Catch of the Day at Dome
  • Chicken Teriyaki Onsen Rice at Pasta Zanmai
  • Auntie Anne’s chocolate pretzel stix
  • Between 3 days to a week paid leave to go on a corporate-sponsored trip to visit Paige
  • Laser hair removal
  • External hard drive
  • Photoshop CS6

Say what you want about what I want. Cause that’s probably more than i’ll ever get from my blogposts.

2 thoughts on “Post 208

  1. adilaabdulhalim

    Mine from last year is

    1. fingerless gloves
    2. walkie talkie thingy
    3. to find out what cole has in his backpack.,.,
    4. karaoke set

    I managed to achieve a lot of the things in there like:
    1. bleach t shirt
    2. bleach game
    3. dark knight rises
    4. mass effect
    5. draw hisagi
    6. assassins creed 3
    7. bluetooth headphones

  2. adilaabdulhalim

    oh you know what?

    ever since f1 meeting when we learnt about adobe photoshop , i told puan irma you had it but then i forgot your laptop crashed, so i downloaded the whole adobe package manager thingy on this vaio of mummy;s. so i downloaded a trial version of adobe photoshop ! and i managed to make name cards of ali and daddy for the magazine!
    AND , we had to make a class t shirt, and the supplier said he needed the design in AI format, i recognized it as adobe illustrator ! so i downloaded a trial for that as well and i managed to make so many designs on it !
    these programs are super fun but the downside is
    gosh ! it’s so frustrating ! i hate trials.

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