There are many issues and causes that, when I was younger, I always hoped that I would eventually be able to help or contribute to in the future. For example, I always thought of the need for an establishment that serves as a centre for support for mothers, but I guess we already have organizations like women’s aid, though i’m not sure if it includes it. Anyway, something else that I won’t have any means to lend myself to anytime soon is the epidemic of peer group rejection, especially chronic peer exclusion. Being a victim of both passive and active aggression in school, you would think that i’d be very passionate about this subject. I honestly now think that this is something that will go on forever, I don’t know why in life I have just become more and more hopeless about it. I hope one day that that more people will bring more awareness to this matter, and that more people will be educated about how severe this can be and the steps that we need to take in order to overcome this.

There are a few dvds that I want to buy. Among them are, The Roommate, Black Swan, Life as We Know it, Burlesque, Something Borrowed, and Red Riding Hood. I feel that it’s so unfair that I missed all of these last time, so I want to watch them all as soon as I can.