The beautiful T-aeYou can go to the rtv forum to find images like this one, and this image has a brush set from In my previous blog post I talked about social roles, and expectations of society. As most of you have probably realized, I ran away from the pressure of being butch like every other guy because it’s easier for me. Also, I don’t think it’s a fair expectation of me because there are many ways of being active and fit. There’s a strict perception of how every guy must be lifting weights but you can actually do like ice-skating, bowling, archery, and dancing, and these are for everyone. What’s great about ice-skating and dancing is that you can be creative. Not everything has to be a race, you can actually do things where you can appreciate people expressing themselves. This is what worries me about the world — less and less  people are finding healthy creative outlets for themselves, and effectively throw away the things that as individuals only they can offer artistically. It’s so clear that society has such rigid rules that we have to abide to, and it’s sad when i see children be stifled not realizing what’s actually happening to them. They have so much potential and are essentially the people who can save us from ourselves with their earnest and fresh perspective on things.