The real reason that you want me to have facebook account is simply because you want it to be easier to keep in touch with me. I’m supposed to be so flattered that you want it to be as easy as possible to contact me. In fact, it amazes me how you want to do as little as you can for another person. This is exactly what i’ve been trying to tell you and everyone else — this it’s what’s wrong with the world! My blog has been around for ages, but no, it has to be facebook. I don’t ask for much. If you think about me, simply pick up the phone and call me. For goodness sake i’m not asking you to come visit my house. I don’t care, don’t remember my birthday. Forget my birthday, I really don’t mind. It’s better than a wallpost, which I really don’t want. I’m not going to thank anyone for a wallpost! If that’s the only time you want to remember me, then don’t bother, please. I understand people are busy. I only call them pretentious when they manipulate me in their quest for attention. If they ignore me I have nothing to say about them. Even better for me, actually.