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I can’t believe how much I like watching Audrina! I absolutely love Casey Patridge, and how she’s able to handle her mom so gracefully. When I saw Casey having dinner with her mom and her sister, and her mom was scolding her for not ordering something healthy, I was so stunned! She had to whisper to the waiter what her order was cause her mom kept shouting at her not to eat dessert only. That’s exactly the same thing I do when I’m out with my family! However, Casey is happily married to Kyle. I get so jealous watching the two of them cause they’re so happy and madly in love with each other. And Kyle is always so supportive of her and never says anything mean to Lynn even when she’s behaving psycho-ish.

My friends are always advising me, and helping me in my effort to be more frugal. I’m not sure that’s the word. It would’ve been a lot harder if I had to do it all by myself. I feel like i’m constantly looking to other people to know what’s normal and how my life is supposed to turn out, cause everything about me is so dysfunctional. My point is, i’d rather be around people who give me helpful advice, rather than just throw their dissatisfaction in my face, and make me feel like i’m not and never will be able to be more frugal because i’m incompetent and weak as a human being.

All those people in relationships, why do you guys have to work so hard? Shouldn’t your spouse be the easiest person in the world to talk to? It just really makes me wonder how these people are able to keep their relationships intact, especially those kids who suffer so much pressure from parents who like to manipulate their feelings, make them feel guilty for everything, and control them so that they will give everything they have to their parents. It’s these kids who are starved for real love and search endlessly to fill that void in their life. They just end up emotionally dead, and a shell of a human being.

Once, I told myself that I shouldn’t watch shows with child actors, because a lot of parents push their kids into show business because they want their kids to make them a lot of money. Sure, the kids enjoy their job, but ultimately they miss out on their own childhood and their own lives. Once you’re older and not so cute anymore, you’re just going to get fired — kids or tween shows don’t go on forever, and then when all you’ve only ever known is acting, what else could you possibly be left with? Why would anyone consider a former child actor for serious adult roles? It’s a really tough business, but evidently, these parents are able to peddle that they’re doing the best for their kids. They’re clearly using their kids, controlling them, and probably don’t even tell them that they love them. Then the kids feel like they have no one to turn to, because they face the pressure of having to support their parents and they don’t want to disappoint their parents who supposedly love them so damn much.

Your parents should be the easiest people in the world for you to bond with. Clearly, there are so many parents who should get themselves professional help. If not, they just end up causing those same problems and worse to their kids, from having to grow up around their issues and conflicts. Do parents ever even realize how much is at stake? Being the only people that your child can rely on for anything, they keep making their kids feel like their disappointing their parents. I think it’s actually the other way around. There’re plenty of kids who have been raised from a young age by step-parents. With such a high divorce rate, clearly blood relations isn’t the most important thing anymore. If you want your kids to be there and take care of you when you’re old, it’s recommendable that you be there for them since the start to raise them and support them and encourage them. After all, i thought that that’s how you build a relationship.