I watched Date Night and it was so funny! Omg, it was so exciting too! Leighton Meester was gorgeous and exquisite as the babysitter, of course. They’re such a cute couple I wish I could be like them. I almost cried cause it was so sweet and touching. I was feeling more teary at Casey’s speech for Audrina’s parents’ wedding anniversary. I say that like I actually attended the party. It’s actually funny. Anyway, the whole thing is so crazy I would hate for it to happen to a real couple.

When I watched Audrina, I learned that in a  dinner party, it’s etiquette for you to sit not next to the person you came with. So this is for all you couples at parties — stop showing off how deeply madly and passionately in honeymoon you are and start interacting with the real world.  Apparently, separating from the person you came with will help you to talk to everyone else better.

I love my beautiful black hair. I hate having black hair. It’s not actually that contradicting. My black hair is indeed gorgeous and I love it, i’m sure all of you think so too. Unfortunately, having black hair tends to be super boring cause everyone else has chestnut, auburn, or gold hair. Not only that, but their dye jobs look really expensive. So everyone walks up to me surprised that i’m 21 and not in school anymore. My main issue is, that I hate when people are condescending towards me simply because of my appearance, in that they think that I so need their approval of me, like I don’t know anything about people. Cause I look so tame and schooly. For a while, these younger kids treated me like I was some desperate fan of their clique who so wanted to be an insider. They bossed me around and thought that it was such an honour for me to be even considered to attend their social events. These are exactly the type of people I loathe. So, it’s not really about me wanting to dye my hair — I actually have to dye my hair. Cause that’s the only thing that I can do that these ‘socialites’ can’t. Cause they’re still in school! This is my life now, having school kids look down on me just cause they’re so obsessed with themselves and with how popular they are. I’ve never seen people more in love with themselves. And partly for this reason, I also hate short hair! My hair is short now, I have no idea why I had it cut. Wait, I think it was getting a bit hot. Or something. I guess I was a bit influenced by Jessica Stroup. I don’t really mind how my short hair looks on me, it’s just that short hair isn’t really worth dyeing. Oh well. I’m not gonna be dyeing my hair anytime soon anyway, what with raya coming up and me not wanting the extended family to look disapprovingly at me. Unlike these condescending younger socialites, I actually think about my family. Which for them is something not to even be mentioned cause it’s ‘not cool’, unless you have a relative in show business.

Okay, for about 2 years now, my third molar on each side have been coming in. Or out. I don’t know what the correct phrase is. Anyway, it’s been causing like pain, ulcers and fevers now and again, but i just kept putting it off. Even though they’re not entirely erupted, they’re very visible and the whole surface is exposed beyond the gum line. My already big mouth is really crowded with teeth. I thought I had four molars extracted for my braces. I remember being there and she was pulling them out. How am I still with too many teeth? Anyway, i’m too scared to get my third molar extraction because I don’t think it’s erupted enough for a pair of forceps to get a good grip on it. I don’t want any surgical incisions, just a simple extraction under local anaesthetic. But even then, i’m still scared.

Yesterday I went to Empire with my family and we ate at Madam Kwan’s for dinner! No pictures, sorry, was too busy eating to take any. Anyway, I ran into sarah and we had to immediately go home because it was my younger sister’s music exam the following day.

Well, this is it! My 100th post on my new blog platform. I can’t believe that i only got this far after one year. Speaking of my blog, once upon a time I had my website hosted at netfirms.com, and now they’re abolishing free accounts, so everyone is moving right along.

I have no idea what it was that I used to do that was so much fun. I don’t want to just watch Audrina, it’s not fun enough. I need to figure out what it is I like to do, cause I feel like i’m surrounded by things that I really don’t like. Actually, not physically surrounded by them, I just keep hearing about things that I hate. Like hip hop, gordon ramsey, and other reality show judges.