Wish List

Post 228

My wishlist
  • for that dreaded event next week to never come
  • my debts paid
  • for my secrets taken back unleaked
  • for someone to read my blog
  • for someone to read my tweets
  • for someone to pick up their phone and call me
  • for someone to want to see with their eyes what it is i go through
  • for my revenge on those who took from me and humiliated me
  • for someone to save me from these horrible circumstances so I can finally watch all those movies I missed out on
  • IPL hair removal
  • actually I just want everything to end, so I can finally rest

Post 208

Below is my birthday wishlist for this year. Things I've still wanted since last year
  • To see %$@#es suffer for what they did to me
  • The satisfaction of seeing popular girls get dumped
  • My debts paid
  • Classic Buckleberry at Paddington
  • Catch of the Day at Dome
  • Chicken Teriyaki Onsen Rice at Pasta Zanmai
  • Auntie Anne's chocolate pretzel stix
  • Between 3 days to a week paid leave to go on a corporate-sponsored trip to visit Paige
  • Laser hair removal
  • External hard drive
  • Photoshop CS6
Say what you want about what I want. Cause that's probably more than i'll ever get from my blogposts.

Post 152

Wow! She really thinks she's a boss!?! She must be so immensely popular that she has the nerve to friend request someone that she's not even close to! Like they will do anything other than just block her?! I wish I could shower with hot water and then sleep in a very cold air-conditioned and peaceful hotel room by myself. Sounds so relaxing and enticing! Then I want to order room service. Then I wouldn't even ask to go shopping in the city! Would I even want for anything else, since I could probably sleep for a week? Anyway, since i'm hungry right now, I really want to eat chocolate pretzel stix from Auntie Anne's, or chocolate danish from Loaf! Or maybe cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon! How I wish I could have one right now! I miss that feeling of being rested, hydrated, and clean!
Things I want to do Purchase and watch

Horrible Bosses Warner Bros. Pictures

Crazy Stupid Love Warner Bros. Pictures

I don't know how she does it The Weinstein Company

Go to see

Mirror Mirror


Post 150

I made it to my 150th blog post! I've been relistening to Marina and the Diamonds' Hollywood, realizing that there was a whole lot from that period of my life that just flew by and I can barely remember. I was just thinking about how conversations these days felt more and more monotonous and seemed to lack real substance. I was really upset about the fuss with spm results that day, and then there's earth hour. And everyone just makes small talk about book vouchers to fill in any dead air. Well, i'm thankful that I don't have to put up with much idol talk.      Azreen's wishlist
  • face laser hair removal
  • eyebrow threading
  • hair treatment