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29 August, 2011

Okay, so saturday night was Amelia’s birthday party at TGIF Pyramid. And then sunday night I went to Pasta Zanmai Empire with my family. The first picture is Chicken Onsen Rice, and the second picture was I think Cedar-Seared Salmon Pasta which I forgot to steal from the person who ordered it. So far we’ve got Vanessa’s present, Keesha’s present, and Kyra’s present. And also my auntie’s present. my mom said we’re giving them their presents during raya. While other people bring the rendang, ketupat, lemang etc.

Everything at Pasta Zanmai is so good, I couldn’t decide what to order. And they served everything within 20 minutes! When we were at Secret Recipe in Parade on wednesday night I already had a feeling it would go bad, but when the waiting time was reached the one-hour mark I already couldn’t handle it even though I already expected something. Anyway, initially I was pushing for Seoul Garden to my sister, and after that Madam Kwan’s to my mom. I still don’t know what I really like to eat. Nothing ever really pleases me that much. Today I went to look for Wario Smooth Moves at Summit, but almost everywhere is already closed or sold out. I didn’t think it would be this hard. I really want to treatment my dry hair today, but we all know there’re far bigger adversities that await me.

5 July, 2011

I should’ve bought macaroons when I had the chance. I’m so sad, I miss those days when I would to go to like Gloria Jeans just for tea and cake. I can’t remember what it’s like to eat an eclair or even trifle. I really wish I could eat pie. Just the other day I drank coke, but it feels like i’ve been trying to cut down caffeine for months.

As you should have noticed, had you visited my blog, I am now using imgur rather than yfrog for uploading images. Even then, I still have problems. And then there’s the question of the photo itself. I will try not to take such bad photos, but I won’t promise anything.

A bad photo, but a photo nonetheless.

Okay, for this post I particularly wanted to talk about Tori and Jade. As most of you would have noticed, they really are quite similar. More alike than Tori and Trina should logically be. Jade had good reason to tell off Tori for rubbing her boyfriend. After all, Beck himself said that she’s probably making it worse. The perennial problem with whiny and wingy Tori is that getting into Hollywood Arts in the first place wasn’t even something she was looking for. It was handed to her. And while she’s complaining about everyone being so much more artsy and creative than she is — or rather everyone actually being artsy and creative compared to her, the real problem is that those kids worked to get to where they are, and she on the other hand never knew how to put any effort into even her day to day charades of trying to be likable at school. Of course, everyone didn’t think that Tori was this problematic, and hence only a true visionary, a genius would be able to see what Tori really is. And treat her how she actually deserves to be treated. Tori and Jade do eventually get along, but Jade is probably the only one who knows how much Tori is actually capable of, and how little drive she has to achieve it. I suppose one big difference between Tori and Jade is that Jade actually knows what she wants in life.

6 June, 2011

I love Vanessa Carlton’s Carousel and Jenette McCurdy’s Generation Love! Omg so much for trying to be a person who doesn’t listen to music. They both look so cute and adorable I love their outfits!

I so can’t wait to watch PostGrad on Star Movies at 4.35 pm. I love Alexis Bledel! What is it with me and celebrity obsessions?


Also, I forgot to post my handiwork with Wirdani’s present that I did a while back.