I have been hosted at Frozen-Wings.Net since December 2006. Misty was kind enough to offer to host me on her domain, and I happily accepted. She and I had been commenting each other’s blogs throughout summer 2006, and I suppose she must’ve pitied how I had to put up with ad banners at netfirms.

I am Azreen, and azreen.frozen-wings.net is my blog, where anyone who’d like to get in touch with me can know what’s going on in my life.

I first had a personal site at geocities in 2000. In 2002, I decided to move my content from geocities to a tripod/lycos account, and then I refurbished my website at geocities in 2004. Then, after using a pitas.com account as my splash page, I decided to move to netfirms.com because of the more convenient FTP facility. Now, on frozen-wings.net, Misty has installed wordpress for me, so that’s the platform i’m using, but I have the option of creating my own themes and content since I can easily upload it with FTP.

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