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I remember that feeling, it persisted even after I left highschool. You can’t be at home, but there’s nowhere else for you to go either.

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Well, the iHeart Summer 2017 only premieres on 23 June, so it’s only fitting cause i’ll only be able to watch it once it’s raya on the 25th.
It’s funny how back then I already thought my dark circles were bad.
I really do think it feels like nothing’s changed, but i’m sure if i went back to my old room i’d feel a lot different. I guess for a while, i was free and was able to take my life back. It’s insane how I really never thought of how life could get much worse than it already was. Like beyond anything I would have expected.
I wonder if it ever really was about who was around me, because i feel like i’m still the same person and things would always just be hard.

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let the beat carry your tears as they fall