September 2016

Post 282

I think i'm quite unwell today, i've had a headache since last night. It's been raining all day since yesterday and I feel so cold. I'm glad I still have my entries dating back to 2010. In fact, that's around the time I got this laptop. Towards the end of the year, things around you make you realize that time really flies, and it's sad. I'm finally caught up with the Met Gala, the VMAs and the Emmys. I finally get to indulge in long-awaited Scream Queens and How to Get Away with Murder while awaiting new Younger and taking an interest in new offerings like ABCs Notorious and Speechless, as well as NBC's The Good Place. I'm really mulling over my instagram, and the more I hear about people who clean house, the more tempted I am to start over with a blank feed. It used to be a place where people post random quirky photos to express themselves, now it's just a beauty competition. Sometimes I feel like all roads lead back to twitter. Three weeks ago, it was that persons birthday and of course they had to wish her. There's so much for me to re-evaluate. Well, tomorrow i'm sending my sisters to the airport, and then I suppose i'll be going 2 weeks without posting any stories. I'll just be checking what snaps I receive and viewing stories that you alert me to, and that's probably it.