May 2016

Post 276

Be yourself, say what you want. Don't feel like you owe anyone anything. People are gonna say what they want to you. Hear them out, take it with a grain of salt, and use it as an incitement to learn something about life. You don't have to follow what they say or accept what they say as the right way of thinking. When you learn more, then you can make an informed choice. Then you'll have a new outlook on what you want to say.

Post 275

"I want us all to be together" That's just to cover up that you don't want to see any of us unless your favourite is there. Everyone has seen how differently you behave when she's here. How good you want her to think you are. It all comes back to what's most convenient for her. To watch it unfold like that, to see her condemn one of her own without even blinking. No matter her intentions, she cannot see things as NOT being about "Poor Little Me". There's no time to be appalled because it's painful to hear. You love your acronym-named exclusive clique. You love tennis. Use that same enthusiasm for the problems that you feel you're too good for. You can put so much effort into being a devout consumer of ikea products, but when someone needs you, you just want to call them stupid? You say that you can't believe that this is happening to you? that it's exhausting? Let me tell you what's exhausting. Hosting and entertaining your fake friend that I don't even know, and having them walk all over me and push me into catering to their every whim and fancy. Why should I have to accompany them at lunch if she didn't even have the decency to invite her own friend to her own house? especially when she hasn't seen her for so long? especially when she won't get to see her for long after this? especially when they have so much to talk about and I have to just sit through it? Could it be that there's really nothing left to do but mourn Sincerity was a truly wonderful thing. Ignorance is bliss until you see someone's true colours. You're always so kind to me, but to see you treat someone like that. If you're capable of hatred towards someone who needs you, then am I supposed to just wait around for my turn to get kicked out the door? What does that say about my choices in whom to trust?