May 2013

Post 213

I don't hate what people say because it's boring or lame. I hate it because i've heard it before and it didn't help the last time.
crutchphrases are a common refuge of speakers who have difficulty articulating ideas or concepts without reflexively using jargon and cliché.
The website actually goes on to describe the use of such phrases as "an open admission of an unwillingness or inability to think, let alone use language effectively". I was super horiffied when I read this, because i'm guilty of using a lot of crutch phrases. I'm one of those people who say "yeah" at the end of every other sentence. But a lot of the time, when I get really cliche phrases from people, like "it's not the cards you're dealt, but how you play them" and I always feel like saying this helps them more than it helps me. Like seriously? I was never even good at card games, and you expect me to get that? Am I supposed to feel flattered that you gave me such sage advice? Thankful for this pearl of wisdom? It could have helped any other person in probably any other situation! Am I just another puzzle for you on the assembly line? I really don't understand how someone could possibly say this to me and think that they helped me!! I don't even mind someone saying "sticks and stones" to me. Crutchphrases are actually more than fine, as long as you use them at after parties or maybe late night drinks? I especially hate when people tell me to be a "critical thinker" cause if you were able to "criticially think" then you would have used any other way or any other words to tell me how to think.