February 2013

Post 206

Have you ever asked this in your relationship? "Do you want me, or are you just bored?" I was told once, that I tend to layan people too much, and then when I told my sister about this, she said to me that I tend to allow people to manipulate me. What on earth? Allow? Why do you think it's called manipulating then? Read More »Post 206

Post 205

Okay, this isn't something new, and most people should know this about me, but i'm very emotional right now. If by now you still don't know how to click on read more, then I don't know why I should say that you care about me at all.Read More »Post 205

Post 203

I was using posterous to autopost to this blog via mobile up until last year, cause when it came to resizing images and stuff I didn't have much freedom of options. I haven't been using the posterous mobile app for quite a while, both because I was having problems with the app itself for which I didn't recieve any support even after inquiring via twitter, and because I was too busy to open my laptop to the needed edits to whatever post that I did through the mobile app. But everything seems fine now I guess. I'm enjoying posterous for itself, rather than just relying it as a means to post to my blog from my phone, this is of course after I had to delete and reinstall the app on my phone. The best thing about imgur is that is supports gifs, and that's what my gifs that i've been using on my blog have been subsisting by. Not that i'm posting any for today. Also I have to address the broken image links on my previous posts. I'll get to them eventually. I don't know what happened to the links, and I don't know what happened to the images, it's actually quite sad for me, but i'll just have to delete each of the links. Images available to view after the jump. Read More »Post 203