December 2012

Post 198

Last post of the year. I can't believe that the year is ending, I wish I could stay here in 2012 where I already know how tragic and pathetic everything turns out, so I won't be surprised and disappointed. I'm not ready to start a whole other year with so many decisions and consequences to deal with. I haven't accomplished anything, and I never made any changes in myself, and I wasted all of my time. I hate this, I hate everything. I wish 2013 would be good to me, but just the thought of expecting something out of the new year is hurtful, and i'm disappointed already. I wanna be with my bestfriends and my family. I don't want to be lonely all the time. This was never what I planned for myself, and I can't believe things got this bad. Yet I still want to stay in this year rather than move onto the next and make a whole new set of humiliating mistakes.

Post 197

So last night I got really upset and cried, and it served as amusement. Anyway, I came up with a list of girl names for your future daughter. Here it is -- Erin, Eden, Parker, Winter (gotta have that in the list), Peyton, Blake, Lee, and Sydney. I think they're great, and they go with absolutely any middle name. Just a short post today, i'm going to PappaRich with my mom and siblings.

Post 196

Wow! I watched Horrible Bosses. Albeit at home, but I still liked it! It was hilarious! It really is something that most people feel and think about at least at some point in their lives. Jen Aniston didn't look too fake either! Dale and his fiancé are so sweet. Here's what else I want to watch -- an old movie I missed out on and was so upset about not watching, Monte Carlo!!! How could anyone not watch that movie right? Anyway, my sister encouraged me to join the subang parade logo competition, and I figured, since we're at subang parade every other day, we really might as well. I made 3 logos. My sister made 2. Hers were really good. I should've told her to do the whole thing for me from the beginning. But that should be besides the point. I really had no idea what kind of logo to make, and I was just so bound with trying to include all trademarks and keep within the theme. Typical me, always thinking inside the box. Why can't I be creative? I thought that whenever given the limits and rules, I always ask for the exact things that go against them? Have I really lost my ability to think?

Post 195

I was watching Fever Pitch on, would you believe it, Fox Movies Premium, and it turns out that it's only the second romantic comedy to end with Drew Barrymore on baseball diamond. Jimmy Fallon portraying profound emotion, proclaiming his love for someone, being serious, Drew Barrymore looking gorgeous as the hurt girlfriend and accomplished career woman in every touching scene. It's really insane how Lindsay wanted to take Ben back just because he was selling his tickets. And her race to Ben not only cost her 600 bucks, but also a possible back injury. It was so insane but so sweet I almost cried. I can't believe I watched a movie about baseball, ew!! I hate that sport!