September 2012

Post 173

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Dr Phil has all the means to help, but impactful questions are just that -- they can bring many different kinds of impact, even the bad kind. I don't understand why the harsh criticism towards Dina. She was a struggling single mom who had to fight so hard to free herself from an abusive relationship. Lindsay's current lifestyle may not be something she deserves, but she did work once upon a time, and she was compensated for said work -- if she was somehow able to sustain herself and her family up until now, it must mean she's been earning from doing something. Given the environemtn that she's in whether it's LA or New York I don't really expect anything less. They all obviously need help. Maybe they could try moving to a small suburb where living is cheaper, and Lindsay could work nearby her house so that she doesn't need to drive. Then she can make new friends and do things that don't involve drinking or excessive shopping. Lindsay and Dina are just two women struggling to make ends meet, and they're unsure how just like a lot of other people. Honestly, nothing lasts forever. She was successful once, and bad decisions lead her into a downward spiral. The economy is trying to make a comeback too, but it's a steep climb. Bad things happen, and making a comeback is difficult. Times are tough. Look at the environment and climate. I miss the old beautiful Lindsay whose talent shone, but I think now what we should all look forward to is a recovered, safe, and healthy Lindsay who has peace and privacy that she was deprived of her whole life. I wish everyone in my family would eventually somehow find their individual inner peace and happiness, but the future seems bleak. Read More »Post 173