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I made it to my 150th blog post! I’ve been relistening to Marina and the Diamonds’ Hollywood, realizing that there was a whole lot from that period of my life that just flew by and I can barely remember. I was just thinking about how conversations these days felt more and more monotonous and seemed to lack real substance. I was really upset about the fuss with spm results that day, and then there’s earth hour. And everyone just makes small talk about book vouchers to fill in any dead air. Well, i’m thankful that I don’t have to put up with much idol talk.



Azreen’s wishlist

  • face laser hair removal
  • eyebrow threading
  • hair treatment

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The greatest joy you’ll ever feel in your life is the first time you hold your baby in your arms. My older sister wasn’t just first, but everything began with her. Begins with her. Even now. Everyday. Part of why I could never decide who I want to be is because just being second to her is so comfortable.


There’s been a lot of critisism towards Lindsay of late (http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/backstage/backstage/lindsay-on-fallon/), and it’s really sad. I wanted to post about it, but there’s really so much, it’s like taking a aniston-pitt history class. It’s all such a tragedy. Everyone is either waiting for her to die, or wants her to go back to the way she used to be. Apparently she’s received countless chances and she blew it every time. Even in her THS it states that everything began far before the drinking. There were all those signs even in her early work that things weren’t going well, it’s really no surprise things got this bad. It takes seconds to break something and years to come even close to fixing it. Some things you just can never get back. Sometimes I feel like there’s just no one who will ever care, no one you can ever trust, no one who doesn’t demand something from you. I think that this constant loneliness and need for another is such a weakness in humans. Is it really possible to have it all? There’s still so much misogynistic discussion about kids and career. I wonder if any of it is worth it.