December 2011

Post 131

I can't believe it's already the new year. It's been really one crazy hectic year, and I went through so much. I wish there were some good moments in all of it. I can't believe the things I had to put up with. I should've had more time to live my own life and be happy, instead of being manipulated by selfish superficial people. I really hope that the next year I can save money, and surround myself with people who will encourage me and bring out the best in me. I really believe that one day I will have friends who influence me in a good way and appreciate what I do, instead of having to settle for people who only use me for rides and step on me. Last night Kevin said that i'm already really nice, which was actually my focus for the year that I decided on last year, so i guess i was quite happy with that. I don't know, I just wish that I had time to accomplish the things that I wanted to accomplish instead of waste time being upset by what people did to me. It's so hard to say goodbye to this year.  

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