September 2011

Post 125

Okay, so unlike everyone else, my malaysia day weekend was more about complaining about not being able to go watch Bridesmaids or Final Destination 5. So here I am, sitting down watching the new Parenthood. Which is quite good, cause Amber's style is so amazing! She's always doing only the most elegant and sophisticated thing that's happening right now. But she looks like she lost weight. How do these people do it? Anyway, since I kept complaining about not being able to go to the SuaraKami concert, I decided to look on the bright side, that I'll be able to enjoy it from the comfort of my own home. Rania's performance was amazing. My sister said they lip-synced. But I don't think they did! Did they? This week's fashion police was good. I'm just happy that Beyonce was this week's Fash-hole. Kelly always picks the right worst dressed. Please note that the first image is taken from and the second one i found in a news article. You could also go to for more images like it. My sister came back from JB this weekend, and I hoped that it would be the perfect time for her to explain some things about life to me, since I always have so many questions. I asked her why everyone seems to think that the things they do and say to me is for my 'own good' and also I asked her why there doesn't seem to be anyone who looks forward to the prospect of talking to me or is enthusiastic about hearing what I have to say. She told me she doesn't know. So i'm sure you can tell that i'm disappointed. There's no where else for me to find these answers, because there's no one who knows more. My sister knows everything, and everything about me, so that's why I keep going back to her, but at the same time i'm stubborn and don't want to listen. I don't know why. I think it has to do with my struggle of trying to be myself, in that one minute i'm trying to conform to one group and then I immediately hate that group afterwards. That's what a lot of kids are looking for, and it's why they're always so forlorn and helpless -- they don't know where they really belong. Also, for those who pay attention, the read more section has a little surprise/scare, kind of like one of my previous posts. Read More »Post 125

Post 124

Does anyone know why I'm so happy lately? Well, there's this girl. The usual skinny, athletic, engaging. Everyone thinks she's pretty. I hate her. And I think everyone forgot her birthday. So that's why i'm happy! As part of their revenge for always having their picture taken by me, my sisters decided to show me what it feels like. People were staring a little, but I don't think it was so bad. I kinda liked that they were using their phones for something other than texting for once.            

Post 123

When I had my car accident I thought my life was over. When I was socially rejected, I chose to leave it be and not fight my way up the social ladder to peddle myself for acceptance. I did what I did and there's nothing I can change about that. People can only make me feel ashamed if I let them. If I own the choice that I made, I can take away all the power they have to make me feel bad about myself. Public persona is based on what people know about you and what they actually believe about you. If it's dirt they want then I should feed them all the uncomfortable information they never thought they'd have to deal with. But I just want to be me, without having a reputation especially if it precedes me.