July 2011

Post 107

Ashley Benson was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and she looked gorgeous as always. She talked about being a Lakers fan, and about how she's dating JB's swag-coach. Brendan Robinson says that Ashley's really funny and is the official prankster on set. She's just a beautiful charismatic girl who loves to have fun. She's just amazing! I was disappointed though, cause I was hoping that there would be spoilers about the show. Tyler Blackburn is also really great. He was very wholehearted about abcfamily's Delete Digital Drama -- he asked friends and fans to pick up the issue of seventeen read the article and tweet a what they'll do to stop cyber bullying. Emily Osment was so gorgeous in Cyberbully, and she sounded amazing in her live performance at the rally. This blog entry turned out to be all about abcfamily omg.