June 2011

Post 91

Okay, cork wedges. They don't actually go well with a lot of stuff. Platform cork wedges especially. I mean sure, if you're just going to get coffee with a tank top and jeans then yes they'll complement your outfit. But with a dress? Or to a lunch meeting? And worse, to an evening event?!? How does that go? I don't understand. I especially don't understand putting them together with frocks. Like when you're wearing a frock with leggings. If you're wearing high-waisted pants, or a cute midi skirt, cork wedges aren't exactly the shoes that will bring out how flattering your outfit is. I think it's very clear that when you're wearing a tunic, only then would you put it together with cork wedges. Is it even suitable for work? I really doubt it. Do your colleagues not look over in dread thinking you're trailing into the office all that sand from the beach you were just at? I realise that i'm not an authority on the subject, and I shouldn't sound so condescending. Especially since I didn't use a picture to illustrate what I mean or show examples. But I would like to know how and why it works, because so far I haven't seen it work all that great!    

Post 90

Okay, so for those who don't already know, as much as I think Joe was successfully trying to make a good change in the company, i'm definitely¬†team Erin. I know, talking about MTV's The City two years after it ended is really old, but people are still following Joe Zee and Seth Plattner because of that show. Maybe as soon as I get to watch VH1's Audrina, then I wouldn't be going on and on about The City so much.   Erin is a super successful publicist who shouldn't have to explain herself to a newbie, and Joe Zee as a creative director has very little time left to do his job , which is to come up with images for the magazine as a result of having to keep all of these girls from various different departments together. He's spending hours dealing with Erin and Olivia. I totally agree with Erin in that everyone should realize that no one really needs her, and the fact that things were going so well in Japan shows that maybe Olivia should just stay there. Maybe Erin should have shared more information about the price points for the dresses and stuff with Olivia, but if she doesn't even want to listen then what's the point? She smiles a lot, and and takes credit from Joe, but when Erin asked her if she's going to the trade shows, she could have at least asked back if Erin is going or if she should go too. Even Robbie herself said that there are work horses and show ponies, clearly this is what she was talking about.   Erin has her own work to do, but she ends up having to look out if Olivia is doing anything wrong, and then has to always worry about whether the magazine is going to suffer. And inevitably it still took a hit or two. All Joe had to do was give Olivia less responsibility since she couldn't even pull outfits without fighting. Instead he went and did the total opposite by making Olivia the face of Elle.com. How does Olivia single-handedly smash through the business using only her behaviour and the cameras? Sure, she can pick out a good accessory and she has a lot of contacts, but if she's not taking it seriously, then why bother? Look at her now -- she's modelling! Joe had said many times that maybe her future isn't at Elle.   Am I overreacting to something that may have only been acted out? Am I being serious about something that probably isn't even real? If I was in a position for a long time, I don't want someone new coming in being all condescending to me, getting a high position out of token for her social contacts. If I had to work with someone like Olivia I wouldn't be able to stop myself from letting her have it. Bad move I know, but at least when I get fired for arguing with someone I would have had the satisfaction of saying my piece.

Post 88

I often find myself looking to confide in someone but in all the wrong places. I've always known I can be naive and too trusting. But what else can I do? There are all these expectations for me to be this normal healthy person but i've had so many doors shut in my face, I need to hear something different, find a more whole perspective of life, and just see if everyone does think the same of me. Sometimes I wonder why i'm willing to talk to people at all, since clearly i'm not worth the time of day. Can I ever find what I need emotionally? Do I deserve to? I don't mean to keep putting people off by being so self-deprecating. They say i've no self-esteem, it's just my fashion. Maybe i'm just permanently broken. Beyond repair. Or maybe i want to be.