May 2011

Post 75

I've just made a database update here. Hopefully things will run more smoothly, especially when it comes to combatting spam which is a perennial problem. I never wanted to make users have to register with my site to be able to comment. But there was just too much spam -- it would be at least hundreds per day. In the beginning I wanted my site to be as open and accessible as possible, and it really upsets me that i'm not doing that now. When I have more time to moderate comments, i'll definitely reopen to the public. But the progress towards that is indefinite for now. People always ask me why I don't have blogspot instead. Many of them don't realise that I was hosted on since 2006. Pauline took an interest in my previous site and suggested that I be her hostee, so as to save me the trouble of putting up with ads and the even worse spam back then. She had owned for a while, and I thought the work she had done there was really great. As a matter of fact, I was the one who was hesitant about her hosting me because I didn't think my application would look impressive, but she made it all so easy for me. And i'm honoured to be her hostee under her awesome frozen-wings network. Of course right now I don't have all the blog entries since then because something happened with a server that affected the database, but I primarily wanted for there to a under-one-roof sole website for information pertaining to me. If you want to google me, you'll find out stuff about me here and here only. Here's my website, if you're interested then drop by, if you're not, then great, cause you wouldn't know about my site unless you googled me. I thought that it would be nice for information about me to be available but not stuffed down anyone's throat either. Right now it's a blog, yes, but I had lots of other things too, in the past, cause I liked to try out amateur graphic design back then. Blogger was only completely migrated to google servers in 2007. And even then, no one asked me to visit their blog, or took interest in me having a website. Even if I wanted to move to blogger, I wouldn't want to abandon everything that I've done here on either.    But me staying here shouldn't be a problem, cause no one visits anyway. So if I moved to blogspot then no one would visit either. It's still me.