March 2011

Post 73

I've been gone for so long! Right now i'm only tutoring my cousin twice a week instead of three. It's felt like such a whirlwind I can't believe i've been teaching her maths for as long as I have, her exams are next next week omg! I also have a lot of spam that I have to fight off. It's sad that there's so many important things going on in the world right now and i'm complaining about spam. I suppose spambots aren't affected by any kindof current issues in the world. This is my most updated wishlist, my previous ones are from my 24 January entry and last year's entry.

Azreen's Wish List

  • Date Night 20th Century Fox
  • Going the Distance Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Life as We Know It Warner Bros. Pictures
  • The Switch Miramax Films
  • Elixir by Hilary Duff Simon and Schuster Publications
  • An issue of People
  • Keebler Chips Deluxe