September 2010

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I want to go to
  • Marmalade Bangsar Village
  • Basil Bangsar Village
  • Marche Movenpick The Curve
  • Thai Thai Sunway Pyramid
  • Paddington House of Pancakes 1Utama
  • Delicious by Miss Read 1Utama
  • Dome Subang Parade
  • Swensens Subang Parade

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Post 43

My dad likes to watch baseball and basketball. And tennis. He doesn't play, he just watches. And he acts like he's so enthusiastic about it. He feigns interest in lots of sports. Among the sports he hates are badminton and gymnastics. He also heavily ridicules ballet. Yesterday, he came home complaining about spending an hour in a traffic jam. I was talking to Ashraf about something else, but he seemed to insist someone pay attention to him -- he kept talking about himself. With that really annoying nagging tone of voice that he always talks with when he's at home. I really think he sounds like a nagging mom-type tv character, but I don't think anyone else feels the same way. Then he went to look for my mom and sisters, cause he wanted to repeat what he said to them. Because all they do is listen attentively to him talk about his life. Have you ever woke up in bed alone, looked in the mirror at your ageing self, tired face full of regret, and realise that there's a gaping hole in your life because you've never devoted any of your time to care for another human being? Did the truth about how that kind of life has no meaning ever dawn on you? Dad, leave for work early in the morning and came home at 10. All other malaysians are capable of planning ahead, but you just want to rush home to your precious tv. Because you arrange your whole life around it. So don't complain about how hard it is for you to get home during peak hour. My dad seems to think that everyone enjoys his company a lot. He crashes in on any groups of people (my siblings) and when they get annoyed by what he's doing, he says that it's not his fault, cause if she doesn't like it she should go away. Well, then one by one people are going to leave you and then who will you have? Do you want to die alone?