July 2010

Post 34

Yay! I remembered to take out the garbage! Just now I asked aloud to my brother what he'll have at school today, and I even asked again if he really is only coming home at 6:00 pm, and on top of that I asked him if he'll be able to make the full day since it seemed really heavy. I made sure to ask right in front of my dad, but still he didn't get it. He just assumes that my brother's lunch will just buy itself. That's just cold. There is no parent on earth who'd deliberately get out of giving his own 12 year old son some lunch money for one day. And then if he doesn't get to eat we never hear the end of it. On Sunday, my mom asked my what was my honest take on the whole abolishment of major school exams in our country. After my mom pushed aside my ambiguous front answers, she got me to tell the truth, and I said that I think everything's perfectly fine the way it is. And my mom said that i'm old-thinking and not progressive. Does anyone see any role-reversals here? I was quite adamant in stating that parents shouldn't complain about how school kids are exam oriented, they should raise their kids to be however they should be. Welcome to the third world, parents. I said to my mom, that having so many schools provided for the many many school kids in the country is something so precious. It's something we're so lucky to have, and it really is a privilege to be able to go school-shopping especially if you live in USJ. Still, that's not enough for the parents. They want everything to be like this or like that. Cause it's so easy to restructure the whole education system to the way you want it. It's funny to me that all these parents knew what was going on in school sin our country -- they attended them themselves. Yet, only now that they're parents do they realise that they want to speak out about it. Where were they all those years before they had kids, or before their kids went to school? I certainly hope you had a plan for your life, you and your spouse must have talked about what you want the future of your family to be; how you want to raise your kids, and which school you want them to go to. And only now you're so worried about schools supposedly making kids exam-oriented? Those kids go home from school every day, I certainly don't think that learning stops once you leave the classroom. Every parent has a chance to talk to their kid, and impart whatever wisdom they wish to their kids. Your kids are living with you after all, don't tell me you don't have time to tell your kid anything. Work can drag on for hours and there's the commute, everyone knows that, but you know that you have to manage your life and your time. What little you have left you can still use it for parenting. Your kids may come home from school saying that there's so much emphasis on exams and it's so life-or-death, but you can raise them to rise to the challenge and more. Is it really any wonder that kids feel that they should just exam-prep exam-prep when their parents are just work-work-work? No one is forcing you to send your kids to these schools! If you want to whine and moan so much about teachers and teaching take it to someone who listens! There are plenty of options for you, but instead you want the education system to do your parenting for you. Oh boo hoo, it's all school's fault that my kids are not well-rounded. You can raise them to be well-rounded! Oh yes, that would require you to raise them, wouldn't you? How do you know what goes into the whole teaching-learning process? Teachers don't just sit around writing lesson plans, they're marking homework and coursework, and that's not just for one class, or one form. Every teacher takes at least 3 forms or 3 standard. And that's just for one subject! Then there's the administrative work. There's extra curriculars. And after school there's those meetings that the principal insists on dragging out really long to scream at them. Then the students already have coursework to do, even though there're major exams. PEKA, oral, and history paper. One big one is Add Maths project for which most kids have to download a whole software to generate the complex equations required. All of this coursework keep a lot of kids on the computer for hours on end. Definitely not something you can pull a one-nighter on. Moral there's kerja amal, agama there's PAFA and maybe something else I can't remember. See? Kids still do other stuff than just study to the exam. But are the parents even aware of this? They don't know, they don't care how hard it is to complete all that. And if the teacher says it's not accurate, you have to do the whole thing again until it's correct, since there's only pass or fail for coursework. Wrong or right.

Post 33

  Yesterday I sent my younger sister to Holiday Villa for her music exam. I thought that i'd be quick enough to get home by 1:15 after picking up my brother from school but I was clearly wrong. Interestingly enough, I was still able to get a good waiting spot even though I left the house as late as 12:35, and then after waiting until 1:10pm I somehow impulsively got out of the car and tried to look for my brother, but he actually just got to the car and had to tell me that I just missed him. Anyway, luckily I was still near the car. By the time I got home it was 1:30, and I didn't even bring any water for my sister. The reason we were supposed to leave the house at 1:15 was because she needed to be at the exam venue at least 30 minutes before the time of her exam. So, I was in a mad rush, her performance was clearly affected, but we had to go on, so she just sucked it up and tried to stay positive. We arrived at Holiday Villa at 1:45 and by the time we took the lift up it was about 1:50, but thankfully she was still able to register. I didn't like that there were so many mosquitoes in the waiting room -- clearly it wasn't meant to be a waiting room for candidates, but my sister was totally calm, trying to concentrate and focus her energy. How can there be mosquitoes inside the hotel anyway? No wonder the other candidate didn't really sit down and the next one that came sat in a different part of the hotel. As far as I know, it's an honour if your hotel was asked to host an ABRSM music exam. Management must think there're more important things.Read More »Post 33

Post 32

Today I woke up aching and my face felt so swollen. None of us woke up early enough to follow Aniza to parade for her piano lesson. I made everyone have lunch at Coffee Bean, but I forgot to bring Adila's camera, so no pictures. Aniza was stuck with my Dad for lunch at Delifrance. When my dad got home from Delifrance he was all so excited that my youngest sister got a distinction for ABRSM grade 2 theory. I made a sarcastic comment about he helped her with intervals, rests, note groupings, and all the theory drills. And I even said that my younger sister is already grade 7 but never once got a distinction. He still didn't get it! My mom even said that of course she has, and that even I have some. Clearly, she's the one playing the pieces, not you, so that means its not your music career -- it's hers! It has nothing to do with you! After that, we set off for grandpa's house, and then later went to Melissa's house! Omg it was raining so heavily, and I couldn't believe I had the chance to see Melissa Kyra Keesha and Adam again -- they were so beautiful, even more beautiful than I remembered omg. Then, my sister had to go back to JB, on the way to the bus station we ate at a highway McD. I'm still not pleased that : a) My Dad didn't give my sister any money, yet expected her to come back to KL more often. b) My sister still has to go back and forth by bus, which isn't ideal enough for me. Also, my Dad hugged my sister. Because he's such a wonderful caring parent, always so concerned about her health and well-being; having been there for every doctor's appoiontment, orthodontists' appointment, driving lesson, report-card. I made so many sarcastic comments but he still didn't get it. I suppose he honestly thinks that i'm nothing to her cause i'm just her brother. Why would she want to hug me goodbye, right? We don't have a relationship, oh no. He does with her simply because he happens to be biologically related to her. Nevermind all those times he shouted at her and sweared at her. I feel really sick, my whole body is still aching, and i don't have a temperature but I think I have chills.

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  My dad said that his company wants to post him in Jakarta. He told me that he doesn't want to go cause he won't be able to see us often. The man who considers parenting his oldest daughter as just a hug every time she comes into town and just saying take care. Sending kids to ballet or piano is such a chore to him. And he's telling me that he doesn't want to 'not see us often'. I wish he'd go. That way I can continue to live at home and I can be happy. Actually for a long time, I knew that if I got a job and moved out of the house everything would be solved. But I don't want to be the one who leaves. I'm selfish. But one day, I will move out, so that's a compromise. Read More »Post 31