June 2010

Post 17

Hey! Omg it's been so long, how are you? As you can see, apart from having really let myself go, I'm exactly the same as when I was 17. But then again, it makes all the difference doesn't it? Especially nowadays, I just eat and eat and eat, I don't even realise what i'm doing. Having sagged and spilled all over the place so much, my body is so impossible not to notice I should feel guilty about the number of people I to whom I caused nightmares. Yea, I know, insane right? Hey don't call me crazy, but come on, we all get a little crazy sometimes right? Don't tell me you haven't had a ridiculous out-of-your-mind totally wild night this week, everyone knows what a party animal you can be. Speaking of parties, I haven't been attending any for the past few, oh I don't know, lifetimes? Yeah, who knew it was even possible for me to become even more of a hermit than I used to be? Talk about taking homely a little too far. It's funny, people ask me why I allowed my life to spiral so far downwards, and I don't even know! And i'm like, what reputation? It took a nosedive? Yea, anyway, i'd love to hear about all your wonderful life achievements compared to me being single old unemployed living with my parents with no life experiences whatever, but I think i'll just skip ahead to the pathetic wailing on my bed moaning about how jealous I am about everyone else's life curling up in bitterness of my own life to stew in my own self loathing. After the excessive servings of comfort food you'll probably find me playing minesweeper or solitaire or something.

Post 16

Could it be that i'm so insanely happy that I have nothing to moan and whine about here? Don't be silly. Anyway, I was thinking to myself about how my dad hurts people most probably because he's so stressed that i'm 20 unemployed and still living with my parents. Then, Ashraf told me about why my dad bought Aniza the Wii steering wheel. He explained to me that my dad didn't complain about having to buy it, and anyone who knows my dad would know how insincere he is about doing anything for anyone -- he would've totally complained and make a big deal about not only how much it would cost, but the hassle of going to buy it. And he didn't, so it must've been for himself. And the thing doesn't even have any function it's just an accessory to attach onto the Wiimote. And Ashraf told me that you can get them free when you buy the MarioKart CD. I was horrified. I mean, it clearly shows my dad tricked Aniza into thinking he got her an actual birthday present. It's just an offhand meaningless thing that he used to blackmail her into being nice to him.