April 2010

Post 11

Some get consumed by staring at a screen be it the computer, tv, or a game console. Take away my tv and computer, but as long as I have a mirror can waste hours and hours of my time, overcome with fathomless vanity, a consequence of which my eyes burn with tormenting pain. Then there's my imagination, you can see a distant expression that clearly marks my mental absence -- i'm faraway in my dreamland where everyone is a girl and happily married, always sincere, caring, united, eating what they want, everything's spacious, clean, calm, and organized. No starvation, self-consciousness, insecurity, contempt, distrust. Sometimes if you talk to me I'm never really there, I'm just in my head, alone but I don't feel lonely. Not really, I'm just ignorant of the deranged state I leave myself in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5uMJmc2Yo4&feature=related

Post 10

Dear Diary, I need to throw away:
  1. Old bags
  2. Old boxes
  3. Old router and modem
  4. Old CD drive
  5. Old fan
  6. Old lamp
  7. My dad's classic mac
  8. My dad's old clothes (He's the one who won't seem to fit into them anymore and i still drown in them)
  9. Old hair accessories
  10. Old plastic containers (omg?)
  11. Aniza and ashraf's old artwork (sorry, there's no more Alina to frame it up)

Post 9

  • 9:00 am        Leave for SK USJ 12 sports day rushing because already an hour late
  • 11:10 am      Send Ashraf and Marielle home
  • 11:20 am      Put lunch on the table since I won’t be home for lunch
  • 11: 40 am     Go back to SK USJ 12 to witness Aniza’s next event
  • 12:40 pm      Go home to take Adila to school
  • 12:55 pm      Arrive at SMK USJ 13
  • 1:00 pm        Go back to SK USJ 12 to witness Aniza’s next event
  • 1:30 pm        There’s only tug of war and teacher’s events but Aniza said she hasn’t ran
  • 2:00 pm        Find out that Aniza’s next event somehow doesn’t exist
  • 2:20 pm        Arrive home from SK USJ 12 sports day

Post 8

What am I going to do about the car radio? I really don't know who'll be able to fix it. That old dresser really is annoying. The whole thing has to go, along with everything in it! Why is there so much stuff in the matching wardrobe anyway? It's clearly still functional but it's just used to keep junk i.e. Dad's old stuff. God, why w0n't my dad get rid of all his old stuff? I don't think I have many clothes at all. In fact, i'm always like, what should i wear? I have nothing nice to wear!? It's not like i bought a new outfit or anything, i've just been spending people's money on food. Anyway, I just thought that right now my life is just me and my clothes, but obviously things aren't that simple. I'm still hanging on to like new photo frames and photo albums and stuff that i've never used. Well, those are a must-keep anyway since they've never been used. So that just leaves my collection of assorted stationary and paper products. Hmm. I always did say that Oprah was unnecessarily harsh on those hoarders. Sunday is another sports day omg! Hope the weather'll be good. There's more, i know it, but I guess  i'll just have to right it down later when it starts bugging me again.